The Great Escape

The Great Escape

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This is such an ace piece! Ink, acrylics and collage on canvas….as for the background to it… It may not be immediately obvious, but as soon as you look a little closer (zoom in) at the background, any Tom, Dick or Harry who’s ever watched tv on Christmas Day, anytime over the last 40…make that 52…years will get it!

The background collage is made up from pages from the book of the same title, written by Paul Brickhill in 194, and based on a true story of an escape from Sagan prison camp in Germany in WW2 and subsequently made into THAT film in 1963!

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This piece has been discounted due to a minor imperfection at the bottom left of the canvas – other than that it’s in perfect condition and really lovely.

Ink and acrylics on a background of pages from… the book…12 x 16″, 2016.


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The Great Escape






ink, acrylic and collage on canvas


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