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  • ChetI am a huge admirer of Danny’s art and own a few examples of it.  His work is always thought provoking be it serious or funny. Danny, is without doubt, one of the most talented, thoughtful and generous artists I have ever met. I am the proud owner of a canvas of Chet Baker that was a surprise gift from Danny, after I had mentioned in passing that I was a fan. I love it! I like to think that Danny epitomises everything that is good about the city of Liverpool; a unique talent lurking in the back waters of Norris Green!  
    Sheila Coleman (HJC)April 2016
  • J deliveredDanny (Cyrano Denn) generously donated his now iconic postage logo to the Hillsborough Justice Campaign several years ago.  From the first time that the  banner was displayed on the kop, it became a much sought after image. He could have made money out of producing t-shirts with the logo on. However, in his own inimitable way, he donated the image to us and let us produce  t-shirts that we sold to raise funds for the campaign. That money helped pay for survivors to receive treatment for PTSD. It is a measure of the man that he uses his unique talent to promote the campaign for justice and help others in need. We thank him.
    Hillsborough Justice CampaignApril 2016
  • AKB3Danny Crone, the quiet man. AKB Three GracesAn artist of outstanding talent and social conscience. Like the best kept secret of this vibrant creative city that we inhabit, called Liverpool.  His work recalls Jamie Reid's iconoclastic pop art intrusion with the Sex Pistols, or Peter Blake with his superb collages. There's no need for comparison, however. No art exists in a vacuum, but the best art is unique. Danny Crone is unique. Using the stillness and immobility of artist's mannequins, mixed media; drawn out on utility bills, betting slips, envelopes and paper scraps with pencil, biro and Tippex as the unlikely tools of the artist's studio on the road, created as and where, through urgent necessity to make an emotional statement or protest. The lifeless mannequin is reversed. It's alive. The messages are clearly written, often literally, on placards. Questions posed about the death of compassion; we are asked, "Do You Even Care?". Danny Crone loves the city of Liverpool and his work is tireless in promoting the cause of Justice For The 96. His work rages against the machine, quietly but clearly. Danny Crone is one of Liverpool's great artists.
    Paul Kappa (Amazing Kappa Band)March 2016
  • * Nogswegian - a native of Norris Green!

    * Nogswegian - a native of Norris Green!

    Cyrano Denn is from the same part of my home city so we are already on the same good foot because we are fellow Nogswegians*. I first met him from following his notes and drawings on myspace and eventually met in person whilst doing a gig on our communal turf. We both jumped off the same creativity pier with David Bowie when we were children. Seriously though, I would describe him as the first of what will be known as the "Sentimenterrorist" period of art. His work is thought provoking and humurous and drier than a dry bar in Arizona. I am on his wavelength and get what he does. Maybe that is because we are from the same stomping ground, maybe it's a Liverpool thing, but his work amuses me, hurts me, enlightens me and makes me laugh out loud. He is an artist than is across generations. That may seem like a bold statement but my 23 year old son digs his stuff as much as me. I look forward to a day in the future when we are staggering out of an awards ceremony together and heading off to the Groucho to reminisce about the swings and roundabouts in Scargreen.
    Brian 'Nasher' NashFebruary 2016
  • BannerDebiTo me, Danny's ultimate creation currently sits at the top of the stairs in the HJC shop.  It's only a small framed piece, but the message within it has resonated with countless family members, survivors, campaigners and supporters for many years now.  It's a message of hope - that they are not alone - and that justice WILL be theirs.  The HJC created a tee shirt from this design, and it remains our biggest selling shirt to date.  There's even a banner on the Kop with his work - now THAT'S how strongly his images are respected. I've been very lucky to have become a friend of Danny's and seen his other (just as powerful) works.  I have a number of his pieces in my own home, and they raise a smile whenever I walk past.  Don't get me wrong - some of his pieces can make you angry, sad, pensive and thoughtful, but isn't that the mark of a great artist? I look forward to seeing more creations from this incredibly amazing genius.
    Debi McMillan (HJC)July 2016
  • CreativeFlowDandelions Danny’s artwork touches you straight away it makes you feel like you can escape to another world that is why i love it so much.
    Peter CoyleFebruary 25, 2016