Cyrano Denn

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Liverpool artist Danny Crone (Cyrano Denn) is possibly the best kept secret of his vibrant, creative home city.

Through his deceptively simplistic style, his work offers a beautiful, intelligent vision of his outlook on life and an insightful commentary on his community and the world around us. He tackles serious and light-hearted issues with an equal combination of integrity, sensitivity and compassion.

His influences are as wide and varied as his work and range from music, film and popular culture to politics and social justice. Key themes throughout his work are justice, humanity and a wonderful sense of hope; all influenced by his love of life and a particular wry sense of humour.

His work is timeless and spans all generations. Always thought-provoking, his unique outlook on life can bring you to tears or have your laughing out loud. A Cyrano Denn piece can lift your spirits in a way that makes you glad to be alive and forever grateful there are souls like him that make this world a much better place.