The Butterfly Collector #2

The Butterfly Collector #2


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The Butterfly Collector #2.
The images are of “L’Homme-Oiseau”, inspired by Léo Valentin, widely considered the most famous ‘birdman’ of all time who, tragically, died at an air show in Speke, Liverpool in 1956.
Drawing on paper, (8x9cm), mounted on card (13x18cm) in a 16x20cm frame.
Unfortunately, as with #3, the artwork has become marked whilst in the frame and appears quite speckled – took a while to figure out how, but it’s due to staining coming through from the tape used in mounting it on the card (should have stuck to stapling) – **see picture gallery – the speckling actually doesn’t look out of place (or is that just sales banter?!) but price reduced to just £15  (inc. frame) to reflect this.

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The Butterfly Collector #2




Artwork 8 x 9cm, cardboard mount 13x18cm


Ink on paper, mounted on cardboard.