• May082017

    Real Life

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    Originally designed for cover artwork (A5 size) for a collaboration with Peter Coyle in 2016 –  this piece is 30×31″ in ink & acrylics, with hand-printed lettering on recycled cardboard (a box!). 

  • Apr192017

    Do The Right Thing…

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  • Apr152017

    Truth & Justice delivered

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  • Apr092017


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    Bespoke, customised guitar for Paul Kappa – KAPPA & THE BADWOLF – original artwork & collage on a background of pages from Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

  • Apr022017

    Sitting In A Tin Can…#3

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    The Stars Look Very Different…. New mixed media piece #davidbowie #majortom

  • Mar172017


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  • Feb192017

    Come and have a go…. 

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    Some of the old ones are still the best… from 2014…. 

  • Feb172017

    Coming Home…

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  • Feb162017

    The Men Who Fell To Earth

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    An original piece straight from (in fact still in!) the notebook 

  • Feb072017

    Always Crashing….

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  • Feb032017

    No Human is Illegal

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  • Jan222017

    Everything you can imagine is real….

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    The Late Shift at the National Portrait Gallery, 20th January, with Peter Coyle and Martin Ware

  • Jan192017

    Panic In Detroit….

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  • Jan172017

    Beatnik Geometry 

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  • Jan062017

    Just for you…….

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    A new small range of Valentines/greeting/I just like you cards coming very soon……

  • Jan022017

    And in La Canada, Cordoba, Argentina….

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  • Dec262016

    Meanwhile in Bali….

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  • Dec232016

    Mount Maunganui, NZ

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  • Dec222016

    The Seeker

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  • Dec192016

    Know your enemy…

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